As Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak lies in a coma in hospital, fears are mounting of a coup. The official final results of the recent elections have been delayed. They were due to be released today.

Allegations of election fraud are rife. The nerves of the Egyptian people are definitely frayed. The headlines read 'Egyptians Are About To Explode' and 'Mubarak is Still Alive – His Brain Cells are Dying'. The Election Commission has decided against releasing the final results in light of Mubarak's poor health. He's been moved from Torah prison where he'd served some of his life jail term for his part in the deaths of hundreds of anti-government protestors during the Arab Spring. He's now in a military hospital.

Last night US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said the country and the military have 'a lot of work ahead' to ensure full democracy for its people

It's pretty sure that until the matter is resolved and those results do turn out, the people of Egypt will be out on the square protesting tonight just as they have for the last two nights.