We experienced flash flooding in Britain yesterday which sadly saw one pensioner killed in Shropshire but the level of upheaval is nothing compared to the devastation happening on the other side of the world. Nearly one million people in India have been displaced in the state of Assam in the north east of the country, as monsoon rains continue their relentless lashing of the area. Reports are that at least 27 people drowned, with others being forced to take shelter on higher ground and in tents.

And these pictures are from India's neighbour Bangladesh. The earth under a railway track has given way. 6 days of heavy rains and multiple landslides have killed at least 100 people, with the figure expected to rise as much more rain is forecast to come in over the next few days. It hasn't stopped people trying to make their way to relief camps though as they wade their rickshaws through the high waters.

The rains in China triggered mudslides which killed at least 3 people, maybe more. 38 are missing at this construction site – a hydropower station - in the Sichuan province in the southwest which has been the worst affected by torrential downpours. Most of the injured were builders on the site and members of their family.

From a dramatic rescue of a baby from a stranded coach - to life boat rescues and people struggling with what little belongings they could salvage in Hunan Province, the official state news agency said more than 1.5m people have been affected with over 2,000 being forced to leave their homes in Fuliang country where 217 millimetres of rain has fallen - the heaviest in a decade.