The social media-driven movement Nuit Debout (or Standing Night) have taken to the streets in more than 30 cities in France. Workers and students are protesting against the French government's decision to start examining the contested labour law reforms that make it easier for employers to sack workers.

Spreading rapidly spreading across France, areas such as Paris, Nantes, Toulouse and Rennes are being taken over for the night-time demonstrations. People are gathering in public spaces, such as Place de la Republique and Place du Capitole, objecting to the new government proposals. Nuit Debout has been compared to the 2011 Occupy movement that galvanised thousands to takeover sites in business districts in New York, London and numerous other cities. In France, the movement has grown beyond a single issue and the occupiers are using the protest to express their dissatisfaction with the leaders and political processes of France

The sit-in demonstrations have been organised to discuss the best way for French citizens to express their dissatisfaction with what have been called "misguided French republican ideals," according to Free Speech Radio News.

The protests have been happening consistently, in light of the 31 March protests that saw hundreds of thousands of people filling the streets of France as part of a nationwide strike against the changes that could be potentially made.