friends 20th anniversary
The well-known faces of NBC\'s Comedy Series Friends Getty

It has been 20 years since hit US comedy Friends graced our screens and thankfully has never left our sight thanks to multiple reruns in countries across the globe.

Barring Courtney Cox, who had already appeared on US TV in Family Ties in the 1980s, Jennifer Anniston, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow, were all relatively unknown actors when Friends was launched on 22 September, 1994. They could never have anticipated the wave of huge popularity that would follow in the next 10 years, which would propel them to international stardom.

The last episode in May 6, 2004 drew 52.5 million viewers - making it the fourth most-watched series finale in television history.

All of the characters were brilliant in their individual way but Ross Geller stood out over the years as he evolved into a laugh-out-loud comedian. Here's a list of his top quotes in the never-ending hapless situations he faced.

Leather Pants Crisis

"They're still not coming on man! And the lotion and the powder have made a paste!"

Infidelity Excuse

"We were on a break!"

Marital Problems

Ross: "I think my marriage might be kind of over."

Phoebe: "Oh, my God, why?"

Ross: "Cause Carol's a lesbian, and I'm not... and apparently it's not a mix and match situation."

Dealing with Danger

"Unagi is a total state of awareness, only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you"

Being the butt of Chandler's Joke

"I have sex with dinosaurs? Only is it not funny but it is physically impossible, depending on the species I would have to have a 6ft long.."

Cooking Drama

Ross: "Fajitas! Be careful very hot plate very hot plate".

Rachel: "Ross you don't even have oven mitts on".

Ross: "That is going to hurt tomorrow".

On Monica's Baby Talk with Chandler

"Here's an idea. You walk into a room, take a quick scan...!"

The Inappropriate Song

Rachel: "You sang to our baby daughter a song about a guy who loves to have sex with women with giant asses."

Ross: "If you think about it, it promotes a healthy body image because even big butts or juicy doubles are... please don't take her away from me"

Jealous Boyfriend Alert

Mark: "Rachel Green's line, how may I help you?"

Ross: "Hi, is Rachel there?"

Mark: "And who may I say is calling?"

Ross: "This is Ross."

Mark: "Ross of...?"

Ross: "Of Ross and Rachel."

Ross's White Teeth

"What's the matter with me? You have a black light and it's 1999!"