Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Some Galaxy S24 AI features do not support all languages. Wikimedia Commons

Some AI-powered features available on Samsung's recently unveiled Galaxy S24 series smartphones will not work with every language.

Recently, some hawk-eyed X (formerly Twitter) users spotted a footnote in the Samsung Australia newsroom post that indicated that the Galaxy AI features are only free until 2025. Now, a new report suggests the Galaxy S24 flagships might not understand you.

Powered by Android OS and One UI 6.1 skin on top, the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones are loaded with awe-inspiring AI-powered features. However, even the best things have their quirks.

Galaxy S24 AI has room for improvement

Galaxy S24 users can communicate with people in other languages using AI tools like live translations and transcribing audio recordings. On the downside, not all languages are currently supported by these features.

So, the burning question on your mind must be whether you will be able to use all these AI-powered tools on the Galaxy S24 in your native language. After all, who wants to use an English-only translator while exploring the world? The folks at SamMobile have shared a well-curated list of languages that are supported.

Search Generative Experience (SGE)

SGE, which alludes to a new search result format that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide quick and clear summaries of search topics, will be available in 127 countries except Europe and Australia.

Moreover, the AI tool will support 7 languages including Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and English.

Live Translations in phone calls

This AI-powered feature will support Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, English (India, UK, US), French, German and Hindi.

It is worth noting that Interpreter and Voice Recording translations will support the abovementioned languages as well.

Note Assist in Samsung Notes

Note Assist and the Straighten icon (the three lines with an arrow) will support all languages. The "Align letters" and "Fix the shape of letters" features are available in Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Italian, English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.

The Evenly space words feature supports Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English. Likewise, the Speaker Labels function for Voice Recorder is supported in English and Korean.

Real-Time Chat Translation

Real-Time Chat Translation for Tango, Live Messages, Instagram, Signal, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Google Chat, Google Messages and Samsung Messages is available in multiple languages including English (India, UK, US), Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Korea, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, German and French.

Samsung is expected to add support for more languages in the future, but this will depend on Google given that these conversational AI features use Google's Large Language Model (LLM). Nevertheless, it is safe to say that Samsung is relying heavily on these AI features to boost unit sales of the Galaxy S24 lineup.