Since hitting our screens in 2011, HBO fantasy Game Of Thrones has become a global phenomenon with its own language, pricey memorabilia and theme park. But as Jon Snow attempts to unite the seven kingdoms to fight the White Walkers, an equally fierce battle has broken out on an Australian housing development where streets have been named after characters and locations from the show.

The developer behind Charlemont Rise in Victoria has been forced to change the name of Lannaster Road following a complaint. Apparently, the incestuous romance between Queen Cersei and her brother Jamie rubbed some residents up the wrong way.

"The name was knocked back by the developers next door because of the relationship between the Lannister brother and sister on the show," project manager, Gary Smith told the Guardian. "I even changed the spelling to make it not as obvious."

Interestingly there was no issue with other street names including Stannis, Winterfell, Greyjoy, Baelish and Tywin.

Smith added that he despite his best efforts to change the spelling not to "make it not as obvious" it was a no go. The street has since been renamed the not-so-controversial 'Precinct Rd'.

Smith says he is not interested in who Cersei chooses to share her bed with, but choose Lannaster because the Lannisters are synonymous with wealth.

"We wanted it for our shopping centre strip because it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue," he explained. "Unfortunately we tried everything we could to keep it, we got knocked back by the Office of Geographic Names."

City of Greater Geelong administrator Laurinda Gardner said a road name must not cause offence and could not be "detrimental to the preservation of longstanding community values".

Lannaster Road divided locals, but just like in the show, many residents continue to pledge their allegiance to Snow Street. "The only big mistake we've made was naming a small street Snow Street," Smith said. "We thought Jon Snow was going to be dead but then he came back to life in the next season. He's everybody's favourite – we should've given him a large avenue."

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Queen Cersei with the Kings slayer Jamie Lannister Helen Sloan/HBO