Wales doctor Mark Ridgewell and Louise Speed have both given evidence at Gary Speed's inquest today, as the pieces of the puzzle surrounding the former Wales manager's death begin to be put together.

Speed was found hanged in his home in Cheshire in November by Lousie, and police found no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

Tributes poured from around the world in the aftermath of the event, with sides such as Leeds, Newcastle, Everton, Sheffield United and Bolton all staging moving homages to the football legend, who was 42 when he passed away.

Ridgewell, who was the Wales team's GP, testified that there were no signs that Speed was stressed or had depression in the lead up to the fateful day, and Dr Bob Mugglton, who was medical officer at Sheffield United, also insisted that there was never a point where Speed's mental health was discussed.

Louise then told the court how her and her husband had an 'exchange of words' the night before he died, and she revealed to the court that he had sent texts referring to the possibility of taking his own life in the days before he was found hanged.

She admitted that they were working through problems in their marriage, and after going for a drive and returning at 1:30am on the Saturday night, she found she was locked out of the house and so slept in the car.

His widow insisted that while he had sent the texts talking 'in terms of taking his life' in the lead up to his death, she had dismissed them after he was visibly excited about their future together.

Police confirmed that no suspicious circumstances surrounded the death, while Alan Shearer also had a statement read out, in which he said his friend's death still didn't make any sense to him.

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