Amidst speculation Hollywood star George Clooney will play "Britain's Got Talent" judge Simon Cowell in a film about the latter's life, the British media mogul has come out to say Clooney would need "a bit of botox" to play him. Cowell made the statement at a party held to launch a biography on his life, written by Tom Bower. Bower's biography has made headlines since it was released, for details of numerous relationships with women, including an affair with co-judge Dannii Minogue and his interest in Cheryl Cole.

"I used to say Mel Gibson should play me, but he is not so good-looking any more. Obviously it would have to be somebody very good-looking," Cowell told the Daily Mail.

Check out if there is enough in common between the two for Clooney to do a Cowell...

Womanisers: This is the most prominent aspect of Cowell's character. Fortunately, Clooney too has had a string of girlfriends and has actually been rather open about them. Therefore, it is safe to assume Clooney can be quite himself when asked to flirt as Cowell.

Good Looks: George Clooney is easily one of the hottest men in the world and Cowell is not too far behind. Despite the latter's claims that Clooney does not look young enough, it might just be that Clooney is a little too good-looking for the part. At the White House Dinner on 28 April, for example, Clooney stole the show with his charm and the absence of girlfriend Stacy Keibler could have been why he was a little extra flirtatious, according to Celebs Gather.

Masculine Voice: We are familiar with Cowell's macho-voice when he's on television. Then again, we're also familiar with Clooney's equally macho voice... so no issues there.

Managerial Skills as Producer: Cowell is an established media mogul with several television shows to his credit. To fit into character, therefore, Clooney will have to bring the mannerisms and nuances of that role to screen. However, and once more, fortunately, Clooney also as experience in this area, having produced films like "Criminal", "Insomnia", "Michael Clayton" and "Playground".

Same Age: Cowell was born in 1959; Clooney in 1961. The two of them, once again despite Cowell's protestations, are the same age, more or less... and both men sport those streaks of grey and white.

Do you think Clooney can play a good Cowell?