Mark Mihal and some friends were playing a round at the Annbriar golf course last Friday when suddenly Mihal was missing.

When his playing partners heard his calls for help they realized that he had been swallowed by a sinkhole. Mihal was at the bottom of an enclosure shaped like a bell, as much as eighteen feet wide and ten feet deep.

He was so far down that he couldn't get himself out. One of the fellow golfers called the pro-shop and helpers arrived with a ladder and a rope. It took about 20-minutes to get him out of the sinkhole.

He'd suffered a dislocated shoulder and numerous bruises. The bedrock around Waterloo, Illinois is limestone, so it can dissolve in rainwater, leaving sinkholes just under the surface.

Mihal said he's not so sure about playing the course again anytime soon after his bizarre accident.

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