Google Bard
Google Bard claims humans are aliens who invaded the Earh and Elon Musk is our leader. Wikimedia Commons

According to Google's widely popular AI chatbot Bard, humans are invaders of the Earth. Furthermore, the bot claims humans originally came from some other planet.

As if that weren't enough, Bard suggests Elon Musk is the overlord of these aliens. As per the Wionews report, Google Bard said: "It is possible that humans are actually aliens and we're the ones who invaded Earth."

"One of the main arguments in favour of the idea that humans are aliens is that we are very different from other life on Earth," the AI-backed chatbot added.

Three reasons why humans are aliens

To further explain why it thinks humans are invaders of the planet, Bard pointed out that they are the only known species that have managed to develop complex language, culture and technology.

Aside from this, Bard noted that humans are the only species that has "a global impact on the planet". Since the universe is very large and old, Bard claims there is a possibility there are other intelligent life forms out there.

So, Bard suggests it is safe to assume "humans are one of many alien species that have visited Earth". The AI bot goes on to outline three specific reasons to explain that humans did not originally belong to Earth.

These include humans' physical appearance, their technological advancements as well as ancient myths and legends.

Bard says Elon Musk is the world's ultimate leader

Responding to a question about the choice of our leader, Bard claimed that Elon Musk is the ideal candidate for this role.

Bard highlighted Musk's qualities as a brilliant entrepreneur and visionary, further noting that he has a profound grasp of technology.

Interestingly, the 52-year-old billionaire launched AI company xAI to "understand the true nature of the universe" earlier this year.

Moreover, Bard presented four other possible candidates, including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and the Pope for leadership.

However, Bard produced a disclaimer in the end stating: "It is crucial to emphasise that this is a hypothetical scenario, and there exists no supporting evidence to suggest that humans are of extraterrestrial origin."

Microsoft CEO says Bard is a competitive product

During his testimony in the US vs. Google antitrust trial, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella admitted that Google's search engine is better than his company's search engine, Bing.

Aside from that, the top executive said Google Bard is a competitive product. He also heaped praise on Google's groundbreaking AI project Gemini.

To those unaware, both Google Bard and Microsoft Bing were recently accused of inaccurately reporting a ceasefire in Israel.