Google Chrome
Google is reportedly gearing up to add new AI-powered features to its Chrome browser. Pexels

Google's Chrome browser is reportedly slated to get a slew of AI-powered features, including one that will enable users to organise tabs more efficiently.

Google has been sparing no effort in a bid to be at the forefront of the AI space for a while now. In line with this, the search giant has been integrating the technology into its products and services.

For instance, Google Maps is set to get 5 big upgrades including AI-powered features like Immersive View and Maps Lens. Similarly, the company is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to improving its widely popular Chrome browser.

Google is improving its Chrome browser

Back in September, Google added a Microsoft Edge-like performance panel to Chrome. Now, code deep diver Leopeva64 has shared a post on X, confirming Chrome is on the verge of gaining a new Organize tabs function, as per a report by Android Police.

You will be able to access the new option through Chrome's three-dot menu. Alternatively, you can access the option by right-clicking on a tab itself.

When you right-click the tab, a small pop-up window will appear to let you name the grouped tabs and see which tabs will be grouped together.

The use of artificial intelligence in Organized Tabs can be seen in the form of new animation that currently appears in the code.

When you click the feature in a tab's contextual menu, the pop-up menu says "Organizing..." along with an animation under it with a callback to what users in Search Labs would see.

According to the same source, Google is gearing up to roll out several new AI-focused settings for Chrome. The company is expected to tuck these new settings into a new "Advanced" settings menu.

The "context menu tab group" toggle will be for the new tab organisation and the new "Expanded theme gallery" could add something new to Chrome. Reportedly, users can enable this option to access "advanced wallpaper search options" in the "Customise Chrome" panel.

The word on the street is that this option could give users an Android14-like ability to create wallpapers by using generative AI software. Moreover, the "Autofill helper" can help with "certain input fields".

Regrettably, other details about this feature are still scarce. Nevertheless, things are likely to get clearer when Google rolls out the update.

It will also be interesting to see whether Google will bring these AI features over to Android. In the meantime, the tech behemoth is busy ensuring Chrome works better with third-party password managers.

The impending update will eliminate the process of copying and pasting sensitive information from one place to another when browsing.

This should be a welcome change once it arrives given that Chrome doesn't work well with third-party password managers.