On 23 June, Google's software engineers revealed the results of an "inceptionism" experiment that looked at how computers think, understand and identify objects, animals and people in images.

After being fed millions of pictures, the image recognition software created by Google enabled artificial neural network of computers to see shapes in images, creating strange, fantastic and psychedelic images that at times could be likened to impressionist art.

Mad Max: Fury Road in Google DeepDream
Mad Max: Fury Road in Google DeepDream, posted on Twitter by @GoddoSukoupion @GoddoSukoupion

Such a great deal of interest was generated from the AI research published and the images generated that Google decided to release the code for its inceptionism algorithm to the public.

The source code has to be hosted on a website, and some software developers have generously hosted it, such as Psychic VR Lab and Deep Neural Net Dreams, meaning anyone can now upload a picture to these websites and run it through the algorithm to create beautiful or weird images.

How it works

Psychedelic images generated by Google's neural network
Inanimate objects are interpreted as other structures and living things by the Google neural network Google Research

Google's artificially intelligent neural network consists of between 10 to 30 stacked layers of artificial neurons. Each layer looks at the image and detects different aspects, such as a corner or a shape, conveying information to the next layer, until the final layer formulates an answer.

Sometimes, the network interprets shapes and decides to interpret innocuous images like clouds or faces as animals.

This creates unusual effects layered over the image, such as lots of creepy eyes looking out at the viewers, fantastic dog heads merged into objects and animals, and stunning textures.

Here are some of the best and oddest examples we have found floating around the internet that users have created (including the main image at the top):

Andrew Jackson on the US $20 bill
US$20 bill Brad Skaggs

Andrew Jackson, who graces the $20 bill, becomes a multi-eyed monster in this image uploaded to Twitter by Brad Skaggs.

Spaghetti and meatballs become really frightening
Spaghetti and meatballs Thorne Brandt

"Don't eat before bed," writes Thorne Brandt on Twitter about a plate of of spaghetti and meatballs that comes out of Google DeepDream with a multitude of eyes, dog heads and reptile faces added.

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney
Former US vice-president Dick Cheney @samim

Former US vice-president Dick Cheney does not look happy to see you, as this rather disturbing image uploaded by Twitter user @samim shows.

Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch
The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch Vilson Vieira

Twitter user Vilson Vieira has taken The Garden Of Earthly Delights by 15th century Early Netherlandish painter Hieronymus Bosch, a key example of surrealism art, and made it even more fantastical with help from Google DeepDream.

Nebula photograph captured by the Hubble Telescope
A nebula captured by the Nasa Hubble Telescope Devine Lu Linvega

This very strange looking image is called the Puppyslug Nebula. Uploaded by Devine Lu Linvega, it is the outcome of what happens when a Hubble Telescope image receives the Google DeepDream treatment.

Graphic novelist Alan Moore in Google DeepDream
Renowned graphic novelist Alan Moore Eric Drass, Shardcore

This bizarre image is actually the renowned British graphic novelist Alan Moore, who has long hair and a beard. It was uploaded by multimedia artist Eric Drass of Shardcore.org.

A half-eaten donut becomes a slug
A half-eaten donut covered in icing and sprinkles ‏Duncan Nicoll

Software developer Duncan Nicoll took a half-eaten donut and put it through Google DeepDream. What he got was the candy sprinkles doughnut slug of your nightmares.

Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road
A film still showing Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road @GoddoSukoupion

This barely recognisable image is actually a film still showing Tom Hardy in summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road, uploaded by Twitter user @GoddoSukoupion.

Love Live! Japanese schoolgirl idol anime series
An image from Love Live!, a popular Japanese schoolgirl idol anime cartoon series ASCII Media Works and @One_30_One

Cutesy Japanese schoolgirl idol anime cartoon series Love Live! takes on a sinister tone after being modified by Google DeepDream in this photo uploaded by Twitter user @One_30_One.