Google's doodle for halloween
Google Marks Halloween with an Interactive Doodle

Google has come up with a new interactive doodle to mark the Halloween which shows a street with series of houses that trick - or - treats visitors with surprises while clicking on the doors.

The mansion on the centre of the street is fittingly numbered 13 and when it is opened, appears a veiled ghost, symbolically representing the second alphabet 'G' in the word Google.

On clicking each door in the series of houses, scary creatures appear from behind. The blue-eyed octopus from the first door becomes the first alphabet 'G' while a pair eyes forms the two 'O's in the Google logo.

A skeleton was made the 'L' and a smiley which turns into a scary monster was made to resemble the 'E'.

Pumpkins carved into jack-o-lanterns are also placed at the doorsteps of the house.

The appearance of the spooky doodle is enhanced by a black cat which runs out of a trash can and a crowing crow. An audio also accompanies the design for the ambience.

The user can interact with the creatures once all the doors are opened.

The Halloween has been celebrated in many countries across the world every year on the eve of the Western Christian feast of 'All Hallows'.