New drug testing, OCD issues and wedding drama, these are just some of the regular storylines that comprise this week's season 10 episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Here is a more comprehensive breakdown of the episode as per a Buzzsugar recap:

April's wedding day is fast approaching and her 'slightly annoying' sisters have come to town for the shower. It's quite refreshing to see April stand up for herself and brag about being a gorgeous, accomplished surgeon. Fed up with her sister's antics, she dethrones them from bridesmaid status and announces that Arizona, Cristina, and Meredith are now her people and new bridesmaids.

In this week's very obvious (and predictable) revelation, Cristina and Shane are now sleeping together. Cristina's 3D printed conduit end up working wonders on her tiny infant patient.

Alex's dad is back. He's trying to get clean and refusing methadone. To all the doubters out there, he did recognize Alex at the bar as they fought. Which is why he came back. He's detoxing and hallucinating and all of a sudden remembers everything about Karev's childhood.

Jackson and Matthew reconcile their differences after working together on a patient, as well as realising that it is important to April for them to get along.

Shepherd and Callie work with their first research participant, and they finally reach success. Callie realises that fighting with Arizona is silly and they make out.

Bailey has a shadow this week, a doctor who is following her around to make sure she is not succumbing to her obsessive compulsive disorder. The new doctor assures Bailey that she can be cleared for surgery if she would just take medication to calm her behavior. Bailey refuses to take any pills, but Richard intervenes and makes her reconsider.