Canada is shocked after a gunman opened fire killing one person and seriously injuring another as Pauline Marois, the leader of the separatist Parti Quebecois gave a victory speech following their narrow win in a local election.

This footage from RDI television shows the unnamed 50 year old man on the floor wearing a dressing gown overpowered by Police. It is believed he entered the back of the Metropolis theatre and then fired two shots.

Pauline Marois was rushed off the stage and the man was later arrested. The gunman's target was unclear but the 50-year-old suspect was heard shouting in French "The English are waking up". No doubt in reference to Marois promise to strengthen laws designed to ensure the dominance of the French language, which has worried some in the minority English-speaking community.

The suspect also set fire to the back of the building and you can see the flames to the right of the picture.

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Written and presented by Ann Salter