Twitter users were outraged after claims that the microblogging website has suspended UK journalist Guy Adams because he wrote a damaging piece about its Olympics media partner NBC.

Gary Zenkel Twitter bans Independent Journalist Guy Adams For Publishing NBC Email Address

Kevin Rawlinson, another journalist at The Independent, made the claims that his colleague had been suspended because of his criticism of NBC.

"My colleague @guyadams' Twitter account was suspended after @NBC complained about his tweets criticising the network's #Olympics coverage," Rawlinson said.

"Sorry, that user is suspended," an official message now reads when users try to access Adams' account.

Adams sent Tweets rubbishing NBC's coverage of the London 2012 Olympics and also wrote a piece for The Independent with the title: "As America succeeds at the Games, back home all the talk is about #NBCfail".

In it he pointed to mistakes such as the channel showing edited highlights of a women's cycling race while the 'Dream Team' were playing a live game and criticised remarks made by anchors.

However, Archie Bland, deputy editor of The Independent, has since admitted that Adams was struck off Twitter because he posted the email address of a staff member at NBC.

"For clarity's sake, [the suspension] came after he mentioned NBC bod's email address," Bland wrote on Twitter, adding: "Reasonable to ask whether it also had to do with his criticism of NBC's coverage of the games and whether they'd usually take the same step."

Adams published the email address of Gary Zenkel, who he called, "The man responsible for NBC pretending the Olympics haven't started yet." He asked Twitter users to "tell him what U think!"

The ban may not have the desired effect, as Adams is currently trending on Twitter in Canada.