Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have split after a year of dating Pascal Le Segretain/JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images

Days after announcing her split from Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, pop superstar Katy Perry has stunned fans by cutting off her hair. On Thursday (2 March) the Fireworks songstress unveiled her dramatic new look via Instagram which features shaved sides and screams Miley Cyrus circa 2012.

The couple had released a statement saying they are "taking respectful, loving space at this time", but from the looks of the post-break up makeover, Perry is washing that man out of her hair.

Perry captioned the video "Cash me outside howbow dah" in reference to is a memorable quote uttered by 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli on The Dr Phil Show, which went viral.

In the clip, she claimed she had "redefined beauty" with her latest look. She also revealed that she had been inspired by blonde pixie veteran Michelle Williams. The Manchester By The Sea star famously cut her hair in 2011, in honour of her long-term boyfriend, the late Heath Ledger, who was a fan of her short hair.

Body language expert and psychologist Judi James previously told IBTimes UK that because hair is a manifestation of women's femininity and desirability when it is cut off drastically, it is usually a bid to regain some of power in the wake of a life-altering experience.

She said: "For women mourning the loss of a relationship or other types of heartbreak it can be symbolic of a need to be done with the old, unsuccessful version of who they are: sometimes to end their relationship with that version of themselves for good but without the option of emerging as someone stronger or smarter, which can signal overwhelming depression, or in a bid to create a line in the sand and move forward as a new person."

Meanwhile, Perry has broken her silence on the split in a bid to shut down rumours of any animosity between the former lovers. "HOW BOUT A NEW WAY OF THINKING FOR 2017⁉️U can still b friends & love ur former partners!" she told her 96.1 million twitter followers." No one's a victim or a villain, get a life y'all"