It looks like singer Harry Styles loves dating older women, as all his ex-girlfriends are more than ten years older to him. He has dated a bunch of women in their 30s in the recent past. But why is The One Direction's frontman obsessed with cougars when girls of his age are crazy about him? What do these women find in Styles that they prefer him to men of their age?

Harry Styles was in a relationship with TV presenter Caroline Flack (32), had physical relationship with DJ Lucy Horobin (32) and currently is rumoured to be dating Caroline Sarler (30). All the above women are at least 12 years older to him.

When asked if he prefers women older to him, the singer gave a shocking reply, ''Anything up to my mum's age, she's 44!''.

A quick recall into previous statements from the singer seems confusing. Styles had earlier told The Sun that he does not mind dating cougars. But later, he told the same magazine that he is upset over people getting the impression that he is only into older women.

Styles was bold enough to prepare his "dream cougar list" and announce it in public. Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet topped the list. Another instance where Styles showed his interest in cougars was when he tried to woo reality star Kim Kardashian. The singer held a placard in which he asked Kim to call him.

A blog called Stupid Celebrities reported that the reason why Lucy Horobin wanted to be with Styles is purely physical.

"She knows she shouldn't admit it but said the sex was amazing. He knew exactly what he was doing despite the fact he was only 17. He's adorable and Lucy had a lot of fun. But it was never going to be anything serious. It was a mistake. She loves her husband and wants to be with him," a friend of Horobin told the site.

Of late, Styles is being linked to younger girls too. According to Cougar Life Dating, the One Direction singer is probably being forced by his manager to stop dating older women as he is being projected as a teenage sensation with lots of teenage female fans. So the whole aspect of dating a cougar does not go well with his teenage boy status.

"His management wants One Direction to focus on teen girls because they know that's where their biggest audience is. If Harry dates anyone, they'd probably prefer for him to take a page from Justin Bieber by finding his own Selena Gomez," the site reported.

Who will Harry Styles date next - a cougar or a teenager? Only time will tell!