Ryback has some advice for the WWE if Attitude Era stars Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were to return to the wrestling entertainment company. The former WWE star thinks the company should split up Matt and Jeff, with one of the brothers drafted to Monday Night Raw and the other to Smackdown Live.

On a recent episode of The Big Guy podcast, Ryback said it was the right time for the brothers to move from Impact Wrestling as they have become too big for the promotion and that the WWE was the right stage for the brothers. He then explained that splitting up the brothers will give WWE a top star for its red and blue brand. Ryback also added that the WWE can team up with the brothers to sell out a pay-per-view (PPV) event anytime

The Hardys are currently the hottest free agents in the market after discussions on a new deal between the brothers and TNA collapsed. Matt's contract with TNA ended on 27 February and Jeff's deal with the promotion also expired the same month.

Currently, the brothers and Anthem Sports are reportedly entangled in a battle over the "Broken" gimmick. After the brothers parted ways from Impact Wrestling, the promotion's owner, Anthem Sports, has claimed that using the "Broken" gimmick outside TNA will be treated as a case of infringement of intellectual property.

It has been reported that Anthem Sports has been trying its best to stop the brothers from using the gimmick. The owner of Impact Wrestling has apparently sent out legal notices to cable providers ahead of the Hardys' match in Ring of Honors (ROH).

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