Goldberg will reportedly lose the Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, WWE's biggest pay-per-view (PPV) of them all that takes place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on 2 April.

The fight with the Beast Incarnate is said to be Goldberg's last match in the wrestling entertainment company. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter the wrestler's contract expires after the title bout with Lesnar at the PPV event.

According to the report, the rematch between Goldberg and Lesnar has been set as the PPV event's main card. This is said to have been planned from the very beginning with Survivor Series 2016, where Goldberg defeated Lesnar in under 90 seconds with two consecutive spears and a jackhammer. The two superstars also collided during the 30-man-over-the-top Royal Rumble. At the PPV, Goldberg eliminated Lesnar.

Goldberg losing the Universal Championship to Lesnar makes sense if the former is set to depart from the WWE following the WrestleMania 33 fight as Vince McMahon will never allow a wrestler to leave as the company's reigning champion. However, as WWE's plans are ever changing, McMahon and Goldberg might mutually decide to extend or renew their contract so the wrestler can fight in the company in the upcoming months.

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens, who fought Goldberg's WrestleMania 33 opponent at Madison Square Garden, has opened up about his loss at the hands of the Beast Incarnate. Owens, who lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg at Fastlane 2017, was destroyed by Lesnar with a series of suplexes and finished off with an F5.

"The match didn't go my way but I see half of the Smackdown crew wrestles in a shirt now. Nice to see how many guys I've inspired over there!" Owens tweeted.

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