Eric Bischoff has revealed that Goldberg's incredible run at WCW came to an end as there came a point when there weren't too many wrestlers left in the company for the former champion to fight.

Speaking on the latest episode of Bischoff On Wrestling, the television producer said that WCW had to come up with new storylines for Goldberg, which were discussed months ahead of his fight against Kevin Nash at Starrcade in 1998.

"We had been talking about it, from what I can recall, for a couple of months. As I have touched on in previous shows... we were just running out of guys for Goldberg to go through. Once we got to point of whatever it was 173-0 or whatever it was (laughs). It was that point where we had to start telling stories. We had to expand the storytelling process with Bill. We knew it had to be done," he said. (via Comicbook)

Bischoff also said the WCW had looked at a lot of options for Goldberg before finalising the fight with Nash.

"It was probably a couple of months previously that we started discussing it and getting serious about it. In terms of, 'Was it always going to be Nash?' No. We were exploring a lot of different opportunities. Because of what was going on and the sheer size of Kevin Nash he was the most believable and credible to tell that story," he said.

Goldberg's run as WCW's world heavyweight champion ended when Scott Hall stunned him with a taser gun during his fight against Nash. Goldberg later moved to WWE, but could not emulate his WCW run.

However, Goldberg made his return with a Brock Lesnar fight at Survivor Series 2016, where he defeated the Beast Incarnate under 90 seconds. He is booked to fight at the Royal Rumble Battle Royal and at WrestleMaina 33.

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