Shocking footage has emerged on social media of a mother in Malaysia beating her 8-month-old baby. It is disturbing and very graphic material, so please look way now if you feel you could be offended by the following very distressing scenes.

It shows the woman, who's in her 20s, hitting the small defenceless child repeatedly with a pillow. She also slaps the baby around the head with her fist and kicks it all the while ignoring the little one's cries of pain and anguish. The hideous video clip - which last just over 4 minutes in all - has sparked outrage around the world.

The clip was reported to Royal Malaysian Police on the 29th March and the mother – as well as another woman who actually filmed the video - were both arrested that very same day. They've both been jailed: but for a mere 18 months. The fate of the baby isn't clear.