UFO sightings around Mexico, Argentina and Houston are creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

The latest sighting was reported near Mexico's very active volcano, Colima, when an unidentified object resembling a horse appeared shortly after the volcano erupted.

The Colima volcano has previously been in the news for many sightings of UFOs hovering around and flying past. The latest bizarre sighting occurred shortly after the volcano erupted.

However, it could not be confirmed whether the object resembling a horse was actually an extraterrestrial body or an object ejected from the volcano during eruption.

The Colima UFO has been captured on a webcam and shows that it appeared for a brief while and vanished into thin air later.

Loyola Quintanilla Rosas, an eye witness of the event, told Inquisitr that the mysterious object looked like an animal of some sort, most likely a horse.

"When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a horse. It had a very large body and seemed to be an animal. It had a thin top, a bulging middle and two extremities at the bottom. But the legs weren't moving so it clearly wasn't a modern-day Pegasus... And it sure as hell wasn't a bird."

"There has been a fair bit of activity around these volcanoes and this latest sighting just adds to the mystery. There must be something about volcanoes that draws extra-terrestrials to them. Perhaps they are collecting samples from our planet to take back home."

The Civil Protection of the Ministry of Mexico, however, has denied that it was an UFO and said that, "It is most likely a drone of some sort."

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