HTC is developing a smartphone in cooperation with Facebook HTC will be overhauled to enhance its services and values. Due to the shutdown of, the data which has been availed of by users to sync the contacts, messages and call history will be erased. After 30 April, users will not be able to access the data.

To prevent data loss, customers must download their documents. The steps are given below:

[1] Visit the HTCSense official website.

[2] The user must login by entering the username and password.

[3] The download option will be available in the Account Overview division.

[4] As the user will click on download, a zip file containing the customer's data will be stored in one's computer.

In addition, if the customers want to backup services for one's device then one must visit GooglePlay. Hence, users can download the applications which best suit their requirements.

The company has also declared that it will intimate about the latest and the upgraded services to customers.