Huge 'Fire Ball' Spotted and Mysteriously Disappeared over US Sky
A still from the Youtube video that captured the blazing fireball Youtube

A huge and mysterious fireball streaking across the sky was sighted over Virginia on 17 July only to disappear within seconds triggering speculations of a meteor fall or other extraterrestrial activities in the region.

However, the American Meteor Society suggested that the mysterious fireball could be space debris but would confirm that it was so only after an investigation.

The blazing fireball was so big and bright that it was spotted by at least 80 people across the region, the AMS reported.

Though the mysterious fiery object was visible over Virginia, witnesses from other neighbouring states including Maryland, North Carolina, Delaware and Pennsylvania also claimed to have spotted it.

Soon after reporting the news, The American Meteor Society's 'Fireball Page,' was flooded with eyewitness accounts of the rare phenomenon.

"I saw this meteor on 17 July 2014 around 10:17pm near Huntingtown, Md Calvert County, md. It was amazing but I was a little scared because I have never seen anything like that in the night sky. It was bright, red/orange and white and a small tail. It was very fast and went down towards the south," one user, Sharon Brunson reported to the meteor society.

"We saw the fireball pass above us. We live in Norfolk Va 23502. It passed right above us. We live off of Ingelside and Garfield Ave. It was flashing blue green with red behind it. It was amazing," another sky gazer Carrie Smith posted her experience on the Fireball Page of the meteor society.

The blazing fireball which some eyewitnesses claim had a green touch to it, created quite a buzz on the internet but experts claim that these so-called uncommon activities in the sky are quite common, the Nature World News reported.

North Carolina resident Dan Perjar recorded the event when the mysterious object hurtled across the sky.

Check out the video below: