Hugh Jackman, 42, has revealed that his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, 55, gets upset looking at his incredible body.

"Overall, Deb would say to me my job is to be out of shape so that she can look as good as possible," he told Australia's "So she's always upset with me if I'm in really good shape."
"She's like, 'I think you're forgetting the contract of marriage - ultimately everything is about me looking better, so enough with the training."

Apparently she isn't a huge fan of his ripping muscles as well. He also added "Let me give you a little insight into my wife. I met her on a prison drama where I had tats all over my body and a mullet, and that turned her on," he explained. "She likes the bad boys."

Was it for a laugh or is it a classic case of low self esteem Deborra? However, Jackman's good looks and gorgeous co-stars don't seem to be taking a toll on their marriage as they have been together for the past 15 years. They have two children together - Oscar, 11, and Ava, 6.

Jackman is currently promoting his new film "Real Steal." It is an action sci-fi about robots who have replaced humans in boxing.