The lucky ones who got to attend the premiere of "The Hunger Games" in Los Angeles were so excited they started tweeting about it.

Darren Criss ‏ @DarrenCriss "In short, The Hunger Games was great. They did an awesome job. Fun at the premiere tonight"

Todd Gilchrist ‏ @mtgilchrist "I'm getting in line behind my colleagues to say that The Hunger Games is terrific- thoughtful, thrilling, well-acted & emotionally engaging."

Steven Weintraub ‏ @colliderfrosty "if you're a HUNGER GAMES fan, happy to report the film is great and you're going to be very happy with Gary Ross' film" ‏ @IFCtv "How "The Hunger Games" succeeds as an adaptation where "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" failed"

The movie has been asked by the BFI to cut certain scenes to get a "12A" certificate from the current "15" certificate. The movie is picturised in post-apocalyptic era where adults fight to death on live television. The movie is set to release on 23 March.

A look at the stars who arrived for the premiere in Los Angeles: