New York, the city that never sleeps, is tentatively living up to its moniker today as it declares itself open for business and ready for action, after the devastating Hurricane Sandy that killed 22 people in New York alone, caused it to almost shut down for the past two days.

Airports -JFK and Newark Liberty - two of the New York area's three main airports – are scheduled to open for a limited service, but severe delays are expected after the cancellation of more than 18,000 flights across the affected area. The New York Stock Exchange seen here says it will also re-open after two days' closure, as will the Nasdaq exchange. The last time the stock exchange shut down for two days was in 1888.

But many people have spent a second night in evacuation centres, many homes still have no power and the New York subway will remain shut due to flooding. So President Obama's assurances that unlimited funds will be available for the clean-up operation that has been estimated up to $20bn will be of great cheer to the American people.

Written and presented by Ann salter