Olympics, as the giant Olympic rings were unveiled today. But it wasn't all Olympic good spirit as the Prime Minister David Cameron faced some serious heckling for a disgruntled man.

It was the London Mayor Boris Johnson's job to start the procedure. The Olympic chairman Seb Coe watched as a giant set of interlocking Olympic Rings were eased into place on the Bridge across the River Thames.

And with the Olympic start date just around the corner Boris Johnson said it could be the best games ever.

Mr Cameron bounded on stage to claps and cheers, all rolled up sleeves and ready for action. Until a man shouts' shame on you'.

It's often said that politics can transcend sport, but not this time, as Britain has already refused a visa for the head of Syria's national Olympic Committee, General Mowaffak Joumaa, who is seen as a close friend of Syrians President. So politics apart, the Olympic rings going up, show the start date is now ever closer.

Written and presented by Ann Salter