India's Prime Minister Modi speaks with the media inside the parliament premises on the first day of the budget session in New Delhi
At GPAI Summit 2023, PM Modi declares India's new mission that will integrate AI into healthcare and agriculture. Reuters

At the inaugural session of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi declared that India is wholly prepared to undertake a new mission that involves integrating AI capabilities into healthcare and agriculture.

As announced on PM Modi's official website, India is hosting the GPAI Summit 2023 in New Delhi. It started on December 12 and is slated to conclude on December 14.

During the opening session of the GPAI, PM Modi highlighted the importance of establishing robust AI computing power within the nation. Moreover, he outlined the goal of enabling enhanced support for innovators and startups.

More importantly, the recently announced mission will focus on promoting the application of AI in major sectors like agriculture, healthcare and education. With AI applications, the Indian government is hoping to drive innovation and efficiency in these critical areas and improve the country's overall growth and development.

Why is inclusivity in AI technology so important?

PM Modi believes inclusivity in AI technology is very important. He also emphasised the significance of progress guided by human and democratic principles. In his speech, PM Modi noted that the inclusivity of AI development will have a direct impact on its consequences and help strike a perfect balance between emotions, ethics and efficiency.

While admitting that AI can be used as a highly efficient development tool, PM Modi said the technology's dual nature should not be overlooked. Notably, he highlighted AI-related issues such as deep fake, cybersecurity dangers and cybercriminals' misuse of AI techniques.

For instance, new research has found that cybercriminals can take advantage of a ChatGPT feature to commit malicious acts. Similarly, some bad actors use ChatGPT-like AI-powered chatbots to spread misinformation through fake news websites.

Aside from explaining why it is imperative to take a cautious approach, PM Modi also summarised the importance of responsible and ethical AI deployment in his speech. Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw reaffirmed that India is committed to using AI for inclusive growth.

The cutting-edge technology will be used to develop native language-based citizen services. Moreover, the mission's goal includes facilitating accessible healthcare and precision agriculture techniques to boost crop yields.

The Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, Rajeev Chandrasekhar spoke about how the nation has been carrying out AI research at lightning speed in recent months. He also noted that transparency, bias-free algorithms and user trust are essential to successfully integrate AI into different industries.

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI): What you need to know

The GPAI comprises 29 countries and its goal is to ensure responsible development and use of artificial intelligence globally. This alliance is grounded in principles such as innovation, diversity and human rights. It is a major step forward towards shaping the future of AI.

It is also worth noting that the GPAI India meet is the first major event under India's leadership as the new council chair. Through the summit, India has reaffirmed its intentions to use technology, particularly AI, for the welfare of people around the world.