With no sign of any immediate breakthrough but no negative signals either, talks between the G5 +1 powers and Iran will continue into its second day today, after something of a stale mate yesterday.

Representatives from 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (that's Britain, America, Russia, France and China) and one from Germany are all meeting again in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, with envoys from Iran to restart talks over the country's nuclear programme.

Iran has always maintained that its uranium enrichment process is purely for research and to produce energy but Western leaders believe there's a more shady motive: to produce nuclear weapons.

Yesterday's impasse might well derail what has looked like the most promising nuclear dialogue in years and what's likely to be on the table today will be another – possibly enhanced - incentive package to try and get Iran to stop the process of nuclear fuel production.

News coming out of both camps appeared to be that the G5+1 delegation were looking for Tehran to stop 20% of its programmes for starters. But Iran's official news agency has quoted government officials who described yesterday's offer as 'nitpicking'. They turned it down saying uranium enrichment is its non-negotiable right. And there's no doubt the country will look for an easing of current sanctions in return for any deal that might be brokered today.