Better pack your rain macs and Wellington boots – Isle of Wight will be a washout.

The Met Office has warned that while temperatures could reach 26C (79F) on Friday 12 June, torrential downpours will dampen the mood just as the festival season begins.

Forecasters predict that humid conditions will culminate in a spectacular thunderstorm, with up to an inch of rain. The changing elements could eventually lead to a 'big drop' in temperatures.

"While isolated thunderstorms are possible from Thursday, these become more likely and potentially more severe by Friday afternoon, with the potential for 20mm to 30mm falling within an hour or so, probably on a very localised basis," a Met Office spokesperson said.

"Indications are that a more organised band of heavy rain and thunderstorms will follow by Friday evening and overnight into Saturday, bringing 25mm to 50mm of rain more, mainly over the western half of the area.

"The public should be aware that there is a chance of some very localised significant disruption, mainly from surface water flooding. Lightning and hail could also cause some impact."

It is not all bad news for the thousands of music fans heading to the Isle of Wight Festival to watch the likes of the Black Keys, Pharrell Williams and Fleetwood Mac though. Temperatures look fairly mild with a predicted 17C on Saturday and 16C on Sunday.