Hollywood's "Mean Girl" Lindsay Lohan is being considered to appear in the reality show "Celebrity Big Brother" after her stint in prison.

According to the Sun, Channel 5 producers want the Playboy girl to appear in the reality show if she gets due permission from the U.S. courts to leave the country.

The producers of "Celebrity Big Brother", who had flown in to Los Angeles to meet Lindsay, have already begun pre-shooting of the background footage of the actress in preparation for the show due in January. However, they are worried that the deal may fall flat as Lindsay may be expected to complete her sentence.

Last month, the 25-year-old actress had checked in for a 30-day jail sentence for probation violation but later checked out only hours later due to a shortage of jail space in Los Angeles.

Executives hope the "Celebrity Big Brother" will be a perfect re-launch vehicle for Lindsay after her several run-ins with the law.

Earlier last month, the former model had spent four-and-a-half hours behind the jail for violating a probation order imposed in 2007 after she was jailed for two counts of drink-driving. Lindsay also has more than a month of community service to complete which involves cleaning a Californian morgue.

"Lindsay would be an absolutely amazing signing for us," the Sun has quoted a Channel 5 insider as saying.

"She's a Hollywood A-lister and everyone knows about all the trouble she's been in.

"She's a fiery character too, so there are sure to be some major clashes with other celebs if we get her in the house."

The insider also said Channel 5 producers were doing "everything possible" to make it happen.

"We want this to be the best Big Brother ever," said the source. "So we hope that the courts will make a special allowance in this case.

"There aren't many more controlled ­ environments than the Big Brother house."