Pooja Ravikumar

Capello Keeps 'Rooney Hope' Alive in Euro 2012

Unconfirmed reports suggest that if the ban is not reduced Capello may drop Rooney out of his Euro 2012 squad but it appears the Italian has privately told the striker he will go to Euro 2012.

Queen Faces Pay Freeze Till 2015

New figures show that the Queen is on course for six successive years of cuts for funding for the royal household, said a media report.

Facebook 'Casinos' Spark Online Gambling Fears

According to a report revealed by the industry magazine eGaming Review, Facebook has been in talks with around 20 senior gaming experts, operators and consultants including executives from PokerStars, 888 and Gamesys.

Ex-Met Chief John Yates to Oversee Police Reform in Bahrain

Yates, who resigned from his post in the Met Office in July following his alleged role in the News of the World phone-hacking investigation, has been asked to overhaul the police service to ensure its procedure meets international human rights standards, reported the Daily Telegraph.

UK Stockpiles Salt, More Than Last Winter

After the recent "Big Chills" or rather severe winters faced by the country especially in the last two years, the preparations come in advance to avoid widespread chaos after many parts of the county were hit by significant snowfall last year before the end of November.

Giant Weta Cricket: The Biggest Bug Ever? [VIDEO]

Endemic to New Zealand the cricket-like creature is found only on the Little Barrier Island. With almost 70 other species of weta found in New Zealand, the giants of the species were previously wiped off by rats accidentally introduced by Europeans, said the report.
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