Many said it was always on the cards. And now James Murdoch has stepped down as chairman of the satellite broadcasting company BSKYB. Inevitable why? Well in February he quit as chair of News International and relocated back to the US last month.

In a statement this afternoon James Murdoch said his role as chairman could becoming a 'lightning rod for BSKYB' believing his resignation would help to ensure there was no false conflation (i.e.wrong assumptions or confusion) with events at a separate organisation (I reckon he means News International!)

There's barely been a day when News International, James Murdoch or his father Rupert hasn't been in the news. What with the multitude of horrors that was the phone hacking scandal at The News of the World, the decision to shut the paper down last summer axeing countless jobs, the launch of what critics have called the paper's doppelganger The Sun on Sunday less than a year later, the sensational Murdoch father and son appearances in front of the Culture, Media & Sport Affairs Select Committee and the probing of the murkier side of the British press at the Leveson Enquiry. Phew. All very exhausting!

So will James Murdoch's resignation really put paid all the talk as much as he hopes? That remains to be seen.