Jay Z
Jay Z will hold Ohio concert. Getty

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump enter the final stretch of their presidential campaigns, it looks like the Democratic candidate may have a secret weapon in her back pocket. BuzzFeed News reports that rapper Jay Z is set to hold a concert for Clinton in Ohio aimed at rallying black voters before election day.

Considered a key battleground state, taking Ohio is an integral part of Clinton's strategy and the former first lady will be hoping that the gig helps her win the swing state.

Her inability to inspire young black voters means she has consistently trailed in Ohio. According to BuzzFeed, the rapper − who was a big supporter of the Obama adminstration and has also endorsed Clinton− will use his clout to get undecided voters off the fence.

The 99 Problems hitmaker has often delved into politics using his music. Following the police killings of unarmed black men Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, he released a song via his streaming service Tidal called Spiritual.

His wife Beyonce, who was spotted partying with Bill Clinton at the Made In America Festival earlier this year, also referenced police brutality and racial tension in her video Formation.

Clinton appears to already have the support of Jay Z's protege Rihanna. The Work songstress was recently spotted wearing an T-shirt featuring a photo of the politician donning a cap and making her best 'resting bitch face'.

Fellow pop stars Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and rocker Jon Bon Jovi are doing their part by joining the line-up for an anti-Trump concert series named Love Trumps Hate, and as the race for the White House enters its final stretch, the musicians will take to the stage in support of Clinton. Lopez will perform in Miami on 29 October while the Bon Jovi frontman will take to the stage in Pittsburgh on 27 October and Tampa on 5 November.