If there is one rumour that has not left Hollywood diva Jennifer Aniston for ages, they are those regarding her pregnancy. She has had to constantly clarify that she is not pregnant.

That however, has never stopped her from stepping out with the men... all ready to party!

With former flame John Meyer out of the picture, the "Friends" star went out last night with fellow actor Paul Rudd.

There is, however, a slight problem with that little relationship. Rudd is married... and has a child!

Aniston's reply was... interesting.

"A married man better than none at all," Jennifer was quoted as saying by TMZ.

Now it appears the 43-year-old actress was stepping out with Rudd while working for a photo-shoot for the cover of GQ magazine... wearing little but a sexy black bra.

We're asking ourselves...Did she do it to prove that she has no baby bump? Or is it because she always need somebody to lean on? Or is it just publicity for her forthcoming film, "Wanderlust"?

For whatever it is worth, in the magazine's cover story, Aniston denies pregnancy rumours and the fact that she is engaged to current boyfriend Justin Theroux. Oh.. and Aniston says her thirties "blew!" but her forties are "great".

Given that she looks the way she does, who are we to argue?