Chris Martin is reportedly helping Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence overcome the release of private nude photos of her.

Naked photos of the 24 year-old Oscar-winner and more than 100 other Hollywood stars were leaked online by an anonymous hacker.

According to Hollywood Life, the Coldplay singer has no plans of breaking up with the Hunger Games star due to the photos' release.

"Chris doesn't care that Jennifer took naked pics of herself, he's more concerned that her privacy was invaded," a source told the website. "The whole thing is disturbing and Chris has just been very supportive.

"He would never end things with Jennifer over something like this," the insider added.

"It will pass, that's what he tells her. And he just uses his quirky sense of humor to help her look at the funny side. They both do a lot of laughing together, which is what really attracted them to each other in the first place," the source said.

Lawrence and Martin reportedly started dating since the end of June, after she broke up with her on-off boyfriend, fellow actor Nicholas Hoult.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that Gwyneth Paltrow is happy that Martin has moved on in his love life and is dating Lawrence.

A source told E! News that the 41 year-old Iron Man star "can see why Jennifer is a good match for Chris. He is very drawn to her personality, and ambition and talent. There are actually some amazing similarities between Jennifer and Gwyneth and how they view life and career, and so Gwyneth knows that ultimately Jennifer has the power to make Chris happy in the long term."