Jeremy Forrest, the British teacher, who ran off to France with a 15-year-old pupil has agreed to be extradited back to Britain in a court hearing today, although French judges won't deliver their decision until Thursday. The Maths teacher and Megan Stammers were found in Bordeaux last Friday a week after they'd vanished.

Sussex Police issued this picture of them caught on CCTV holding hands as they boarded a ferry, the day they disappeared. It appeared as if 30-year-old Forrest –who works at Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne in East Sussex - is in a relationship with Megan. An Interpol alert was issued, as was a European warrant for his arrest in relation to child abduction because he fled with Megan, without her parent's consent. They were found on Friday and Megan has since flown home to be reunited with her parents.

Forrest appeared this morning before a court in the port city of Bordeaux at the start of the proceedings and did not contest his proposed extradition.