The father of the teacher, Jeremy Forrest, who's fled abroad with one of his pupils, Megan Stammers – who's half the teacher's age – has made an emotional appeal for his son to bring the young girl home. Jim Forrest spoke through tears for the first time since the pair went AWOL last week. He asked either of them to make a call or send an email to say that they are safe.

A European warrant is now out for 30-year-old Jeremy Forrest's arrest in relation to child abduction because he's gone off with Megan without her parent's consent. They made off for France but Sussex Police say the two might have already left the country. CCTV cameras caught sight of the pair last Friday in his black Ford Fiesta, and them then boarding the ferry from Dover to Calais later in the evening.

Mr Forrest is a Maths teacher at the school Megan goes to - Bishop Bell C of E in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Megan's parents have also directly appealed for her to come home but from the pictures released of the two holding hands, they seem to be in a relationship.

With Operation Oakwood now underway, detectives from Sussex Police are now working with Interpol and the French authorities over the couple's disappearance. The case is set to be the main feature on the BBC's Crimewatch programme tonight.