The Ecuador embassy has been warned that it could lose its diplomatic status if it refuses to hand over the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Who has been holed up at the London embassy; after they offered him political asylum diplomatic status back in June. Assange addressed the massive crowds who had turned up to see him and appealed directly to President Obama to do the right thing.

Assange used his using his WikiLeaks website to leak hundreds of thousands of secret U.S. diplomatic and military cables in 2010 which incensed the US. He was then accused of two sexual attacks in Sweden, which his supporters doubt the veracity of. He fears Sweden would eventually hand him over to the United States where, in his view, he would face persecution and long-term imprisonment. Ecuador then stepped in and granted political asylum to the former computer hacker. Which has reignited old tensions between Britain and Ecudor, and led to other South American countries pledging their diplomatic support.

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