A court in Spain has been hearing and seeing some disturbing evidence on the second day of a case of a British woman who's confessed to killing her two young children whilst on holiday.

Jurors were shown a shot of a plastic shopping bag from a local supermarket, which Lianne Smith used to suffocate 5-year-old Rebecca and her son Daniel, who was only 11-months-old. The two children were found dead at a room at the Hotel Miramar, 40 miles north of Barcelona. In this video, Lianne Smith tearfully explained how she killed them and cuddled them, in fear that social services were going to take them away.

Her actions came days after her partner, Martin was found guilty of several child rape charges. Lawyers for Mrs Smith are arguing she wasn't of sound mind at the time of the murders. Mr Smith was extradited and jailed in Manchester but was found hanged earlier this year. The case continues.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole