Justin Bieber
An Argentine judge has ordered Canadian singer Justin Bieber to appear in his court within 60 days to face assault charges or face arrest Reuters

Pop sensation Justin Bieber is in trouble again after being accused of ordering his bodyguards to attack a photographer outside a nightclub in Buenos Aires.

The alleged incident took place in November 2013, after Bieber was enjoying a late night out following a performance.

It is reported that Bieber had been trying to sneak out of the INK nightclub in Buenos Aires by covering himself with a black sheet, when Diego Pesoa, an Argentine photographer, started taking photos of him.

Pesoa claims he was then badly beaten by Bieber's security staff. His injuries required minor hospital treatment.

Judge Facundo Cubas has summoned Bieber to appear before his court to answer the charges of assault.

In an interview with Associated Press, Judge Cubas said: "The evidence from witnesses, footage and photos shows that he [Bieber] didn't want his pictures taken. That led his bodyguards to chase down after the photographers and it was followed by a beating."

Cubas commented that there was enough evidence for Bieber to be convicted, with a possible prison sentence ranging from one month to six years.

The judge has given Bieber 60 days to appear in court. If he fails to appear within the two-month period, an international arrest warrant will be issued. Judge Cubas has reportedly asked Interpol to track Bieber down and inform him of court appearance.

Hugo Hesny, the bodyguard accused of beating up the photographer, has also been summoned to court.

Justin Bieber's fiery temper and growing rebellious streak have repeatedly got him in trouble with the law.

Prior to his performance in Argentina, Bieber was twice photographed spray painting graffiti onto a wall in Colombia and Brazil. He was charged in absence for vandalism in Brazil.

In December last year, Bieber was arrested after allegedly assaulting a limousine driver in Toronto. He reportedly struck the victim "several times" on the back of the head whilst he was driving.

Bieber was also arrested for drink driving in Miami, on 23 January 2014. He later donated $50,000 to a youth charity and pleaded guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest near Miami beach. Following the trial, the drink driving charge was dropped.