Kanye West royally lost the plot after the king of rap almost had a whole section of his audience thrown out of a concert with Jay-Z on Friday.

The businessman Kanye had ejected had apparently thrown his business cards on the stage where he was performing which he considered a major health and safety issue. "We risking our lives up here, you can't go throwing s**t that we gonna slip on," he told them.

After the incident occurred, Kanye told security that everyone in that section had to leave the gig unless the perpetrator owned up.

"I see it come from that direction... Unless one person raises their hand and says: 'I'm the one who did it', all that whole section gotta go."

Eventually, the fan guilty of the most heinous of crimes – throwing business cards on a stage… - came forward, sparing the innocent gig-goers around him from ejection.

The Golddigger singer was performing on the stage of the Tacoma Dome in Washington where he and fellow rapper Jay-Z are part-way through their Watch the Throne tour.

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