Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, seems to look brighter and happier every day, meaning hers is certainly one of the more coveted celebrity looks. In fact, everything from her rosy complexion to her tan seems to be on the shopping list for women across the world.

According to Allure, Kate focuses either on her eyes or on her lips but never both. If it is the eyes, the Duchess of Cambridge rims her upper and lower lash lines with black eyeliner and piles on the mascara. Another aspect she focuses on is the eyebrows. Apparently, she gets them groomed regularly at Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa. When it comes to blush, she uses a subtle colour. The lip gloss that Kate uses is always a shade darker than her natural tone. In that way, the lip colour is highlighted in an elegant way. When it comes to manicure, Kate maintains prim and proper nails but always in a shade of pink.

According to the London Evening Standard, the most important reason Kate Middleton always looks so perfect is that she always chooses the perfect tan colour.

"One element of her ever-refined look that's proving even more consistent than the Richard Ward blow-dries or the frequent trips to Reiss are her lightly tanned and glowing skin. Far from the fake bakes and tangerine tones of the WAG pack and TOWIE's inner circle, the Middletan - as it has been coined by beauty buffs - has given bronzing the royal seal of approval," the report reads.

"For years, women have opted for level four, the Jordan-style dark tan, in the booths but, in the wake of Kate regularly showing off her shapely bronzed pins, level two is now the colour of choice. More and more of our clients have told us they want to emulate the Duchess of Cambridge's radiant skin tone and have requested the more subtle tan. Kate's tan tone looks very jet-set, as if she has just returned from a European weekend break, not a two-week holiday where she tried to go as dark as possible," said Lena White, UK representative of tanning firm LDN: SKINS, in the London Evening Standard report.

An earlier report on Daily Mail said the secret behind Kate's complexion was the bee venom facial suggested by the Duchess of Cornwall. The £165 bee sting facial has been hailed as a "non-surgical facelift." Apparently, the facial is made by mixing shea butter with manuka honey, rose and lavender essential oils and a secret ingredient. The concept behind using bee venom in skincare is that it causes blood to flow to the surface of the skin, giving a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Finally, according to cosmetic specialist Pixiwoo, the secret of Kate's complexion is a perfect base, a concealer and dramatic eyes created by eye liners. Eyelashes are given prominence and a rosy finish is given to the cheeks.