A Wikipedia page on the wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton has remained online despite requests to delete it.

The page - Wedding Dress of Kate Middleton – has been the target of criticism by several volunteer editors on the site who denounced it as trivialising Wikipedia's goals.

"The fact that this article even exists is a slight indicator of Wiki admin slacking," wrote a user on the Talk page of the article, following the day of the royal wedding of Kate and Prince William in April 2011. Another user said it was not "notable enough to be on Wikipedia" and requested deletion.

Attilios, an editor in Rome, said the page was one of the lowest points ever reached by Wikipedia. He called the article "totally irrelevant". Another Wikipedia editor, Alensha, wrote: "Will there be an article on her shoes, too?"

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales clarified during the recent Wikimania 2012 conference, that the page would stay. Moreover, he added he felt there should be more such pages - on other famous dresses - according to Slate.com.

Advocates for the Wiki Page on Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

The ivory and white gown, complete with cowl neck and veil, was designed for Kate Middleton by British designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The gown was universally acclaimed, by critics and the public, when Kate walked up the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

The dress, which Kate Middleton teamed with a 1,000-diamond Cartier "Halo" tiara, a pair of diamond earrings and a pair of hand-stitched, laced stilettos (also designed by Burton) was put on display at the Buckingham Palace and attracted more than 600,000 visitors.

But the Wiki page on the wedding dress of a woman who is arguably one of the world's leading fashion icons has its fair share of staunch supporters.

Eric Cable, an editor from Ohio, wrote: "Are you suggesting this article should not exist? That it does not meet notability standards? That is absurd. This dress will be remembered for decades. It will influence wedding dress designs for a long, long time."

"There are hundreds or articles on characters in TV dramas, so why worry about ones on dresses? We are free to read the ones that interest us," AJ Hingston, a Wikipedia contributor from the UK commented.

Famous Royal Wedding Dresses on Wikipedia

Besides Kate Middleton, other famous royals who have a Wikipedia page for their wedding dresses include Diana, Princess of Wales and Princess Grace (Grace Kelly) of Monaco. Neither has sparked any controversy or demands that the page be deleted.

Princess Diana and Grace Kelly wedding dress
Princess Diana and Grace Kelly wedding dress (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)