American model Kate Upton, who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition this year, is said to be dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. The model, who was named "Rookie of the Year" when she first appeared in the 2011 Sports Illustrated edition, was chosen as the covergirl for this year's edition.

Now, as far as the report about Kate and Sanchez are concerned, Kate has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. While appearing on the Ellen DeGenres show, Kate was asked about Mark Sanchez's reaction to her appearance as the covergirl, Kate replied, that she didn't have a Valentine, reported E! online.

"Your boyfriend, New York Jets quarter back Mark Sanchez. How does he feel about this?," Ellen asked

"I did not have a Valentine's date this year," Upton responded.

"OK, so he was busy," DeGeneres said. "So how does your boyfriend Mark Sanchez feel about all this? He must be proud, right?," Ellen quipped again.

"Well, even if I had a boyfriend. I wouldn't ask how he felt about it," replied Kate.

The show will be telecast on Friday.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which was launched in 1964, is published once a year. This year's edition will be on sale from Tuesday.