Actor Adam Deacon has been declared fit to stand trial accused of harassing fellow actor Noel Clarke after being sectioned under the mental health act.

Deacon is best known for appearing in films Kidulthood and Adulthood, which Clarke wrote and directed respectively, as well as Channel 4's Babylon. He is accused of sending abusive and threatening messages to Clarke on social media.

Deacon was charged on 20 December with one count of harassment without violence between 5 March and 19 December last year.

While out on bail, Deacon was arrested again on suspicion of affray and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

The charges relate to an incident which took place in Bethnal Green Road, east London in which the 32-year-old is alleged to have been threatening passer-bys with a machete.

Proceedings were halted after Deacon was sectioned under the mental health act for treatment on 21 March.

Deacon has now been declared fit to stand trial over the harassment charges relating to Clarke, who also played the part of Mickey Smith in Doctor Who.

Tom Gill, prosecuting, said: "He referred to [Clarke] as a bully and blamed him for trying to ruining his career."

He added: "Mr Clarke said that until 2010 he viewed Mr Deacon as a close friend and after this point they fell out over work.

"Mr Clarke wanted the police to be aware of this situation but didn't want them to react as he didn't want them to draw any more attention to it.

"On 4 December he was given an official harassment warning by police, this was delivered in person.

"Despite this warning he continued to post pictures and messages directed towards Mr Clarke."

Gill said that some of these messages amounted to death threats.

Deacon denies the charges. He is due to next appear in Hammersmith magistrates court on 20 July.