Kim Kardashian
The reality star bared her infamous oiled-up behind on the cover of Paper Paper magazine

When Kim Kardashian decided to pose butt naked for the latest issue of Paper magazine, it was not a desperate attempt to keep herself in the spotlight. It was strategic move from a PR genius.

What Kanye West's wife may lack in IQ, she makes up in tactical thinking and influence.

Although she reportedly did not receive a dime for getting her kit off and rolling in litres of baby oil before flashing a million dollar smile, she got something more valuable -- world domination.

For more than 24 hours, cyberspace orbited around her, she ruled headlines across the globe, and those that didn't know, got to know.

Not bad for a 34-year-old reality TV star that once had to toil in the shade of socialite and former BFF Paris Hilton.

Sex tape star to icon

Critics would argue that it was Kim's 2007 sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J that propelled the mother-of-one into an overnight star and she is nothing more than a second rate porn star. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Yes, the sex tape did thrust her into the public conscience. But without her business savvy she would not have evolved into a global brand that is more famous than royalty, pop stars and religious figures.

The Armenian beauty mixed in the right circles, dated the right men, wore the right outfits and came across as down to earth despite her family's wealth.

Everything that Kim does is planned with military precision. From her posts on social media, outfit choices to her butter wouldn't melt mannerisms. Aside from her brand, just consider the cash she has made endorsing clothes, make-up and food.

She is well aware that her rear is a talking point, so she isn't opposed to showing it off at every opportunity. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses and chooses to lead with her strengths.

Asked by Piers Morgan what her talent was, Kim confidently replied: "I think being an entrepreneur is a skill, marketing is a skill, and so is fashion designing. My sisters and I are smart enough to understand that having a successful reality TV show is just a platform for people to get to know us on a personal level.

"But for us, we've always been about the business – selling our fragrances, shoe lines, clothes. And we've always been about hard work."

In other words: Her talent is making money and she does it pretty well.

Playing by her own rules

With 25.4 million followers on Twitter, a hit reality show in its ninth season, and scores of fashion designers lining up to dress her, Kim could definitely teach a few things about manipulating the media and sending a bold message to the masses.

What many people fail to comprehend is that whether you love her today and hate her tomorrow, both days she gets paid.

She is not fazed by the predictable backlash. A 'terrible mom', a 'disgrace,' she has heard it all before. Like any good businesswoman, she has had to grow a thick skin and remains focused on her goal to become a modern day icon.

Many would say that she is simply the face of an impressive PR machine and is not smart enough to plot world domination herself, but I beg to differ. She bares all the traits of a talented marketer, a strong woman and a force to be reckoned with.

I may not agree with her life choices, but I for one commend her for constantly building her own doors. How else can you explain her ability to parlay a sex tape scandal into the level of fame that some only dream about?

Not only did she break the internet, she also flipped the bird to all her haters and told them to kiss her big fat oily ass.

Kim Kardashian West has outdone herself and it's time to give credit where credit is due.