Kim Kardashian has always been an enviable woman for all those who adore good looks and a good physique. One kept wondering whether it was the strictly controlled diet or exercise or any other unknown beauty secret. Now the cat is out of the bag!

Kim Kardashian's secret of a good figure was revealed at the Los Angeles airport. Kim wore sister Khloe Kardashian's black and white dress that was quite transparent. The dress showed what lied underneath it: white control pants that kept her figure in shape. Apparently, it is her control pants that keep her lumps and curves in shape.

"But maybe what Miss Kardashian didn't realise was that her control pants holding in all her lumps and bumps could visibly be seen under the frock. And it wasn't just her pants that could be seen through the dress but her black bra too which made her cleavage appear even more plunging," the Daily Mail reports.

According to Radar Online, Kim wore a Spanx, a body-shaping fashion accessory worn to smoothly conform into extra-tight garments.

"We nodded sagely when we saw Kim, wisely wearing her Spanx as (we just did a typo of 'ass' and laughed) she got back to LA from a visit to Philadelphia," The Mirror reported.

The same outfit was worn by sister Khloe two weeks ago. The dress looked completely different on Khloe who teamed it with flip flops and a teal green shoulder bag. She chose to leave her hair over her shoulders unlike Kim who tied it back. Kim chose studded black sandals and box-red lipstick.

When it comes to giving and taking outfit and accessories, the Kardashians are a co-operative family. Earlier Kim's half sister Kendall Jenner had worn one of Kim's dresses for a premiere of Hunger Games.

"Kendall borrowed my Azzedine Alaia dress last night for the Hunger Games premiere! Doesn't she look gorgeous!! It's such an amazing dress! I got it when I was in Paris with my mom in 2010 when we met Mr Alaia himself! I remember I always used to try on my mom's Alaia dresses when I was younger, so I'm glad I have younger sisters I can share my favourite pieces with Xo," Kim had stated.